What´s new in Version 2?

Version 2 of Truck Parking Europe is a major update with many new features and a complete re-design. Please find infromation about smaller changes on PlayStore or Appstore

Here is a list with all changes: 

  • Extensive update to the entire app with many new functions
  • NEW: The app now includes almost 13,000 car parks with a large number of ratings and reports. Thank you to all drivers who have contributed so far!
  • NEW: Drive mode. View parking spaces along the route that can be reached with a maximum detour of 6 kilometres (there and back). The list is updated continually during the journey and shows the distance and additional detour to the parking spaces. All you have to do is enter your direction of travel (e.g. direction "Rotterdam").
  • NEW: Enter your remaining driving time to see which parking spaces can still be reached.
  • NEW: Enter the occupancy status of HGV parking spaces and benefit from notifications from other drivers. This function can be used within a 1,200-metre radius. 
  • NEW: Parking spaces for which occupancy information is available are shown on the map and lists in green, yellow or red. Depending on how old the notification is, the icon will become paler. The status will expire after a maximum of 3 hours. 
  • NEW: The radius search for parking spaces can now be performed for the driver's present location or for a point on the map.
  • NEW: The interface has been adapted for iOS 7.
  • NEW: You can now view the rankings and compare your points with others – weekly, monthly or in our all-time rankings. There are points for creating parking spaces (10 points), modifying and rating (2 points) and notifying of the current occupation status (1 point).
  • NEW: The new attribute "Power supply" is now available.
  • NEW: The coordinate or address of a selected parking space can be transferred to the navigation system installed on the smartphone.
  • NEW: The number of parking spaces is now displayed in the app.
  • We have improved behaviour for poor internet reception. 
  • It is now easier to create a notification for unsuitable parking spaces.
  • When entering new parking spaces, existing parking spaces can now be viewed in order to prevent duplicate entries.
  • Many other improvements have been made and errors rectified.
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