What is the user ranking for?

The Truck Parking Europe app is constantly growing as a result of our community members constantly exchanging information! Each time that you assess or register a parking area we will credit your user account with points so that you can climb up the user rankings. As an active user you can really get involved and benefit from special promotions. Please like our Facebook page to get informed about our promotions. 

You get T-Miles for:

  • adding a parking 
  • editing a parking area 
  • commenting or rating a parking area 
  • Reporting the occupancy of a parking area 

Please note:

  • If we have to merge a parking place because of double places, we can´t grant points
  • You can report the occupancy for a parking every minute, but you only get points every 60 minutes
  • If you add a parking that does not exist we do not award points for this parking area
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